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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২৫ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২০

মেশিনের তালিকা

কমন ফ্যাসিলিটি (যেকোন হালকা প্রকৌশল প্রতিষ্ঠান ফ্যাসিলিটি ব্যবহার করতে পারবে সুলভ মূল্যে)

  1. Machining-
  1. CNC 5 axis Machining Centre     1 no.   maximum capacity – 600X600X500 mm
  2. CNC 4 axis Machining Centre     2 no.   maximum capacity – 600X600X500 mm
  3. CNC 3 axis Machining Centre     5 no.  maximum capacity – 600X600X500 mm
  4. CNC 3 axis Milling                 2 no.   maximum capacity – 200X200X150 mm
  5. CNC 3 axis Lathe                   3 no.   maximum capacity – 600X600X500 mm
  6. CNC 3 axis Surface Grinding      1 no.   maximum capacity – 600X600X500 mm
  7. CNC 3 axis Cylindrical Grinding  1 no.   maximum capacity – Dia 600X600 mm
  8. CNC 3 axis Internal Graining       1 no. maximum capacity – Dia 300X300 mm
  9. CNC wire cut                                1 no. maximum capacity – 400X300X200 mm
  10. CNC EDM wire cut                       1 no.  maximum capacity – 300X300X200 mm
  1. Automatic Heat Treatment (first ever in Bangladesh)-
  • CNC vacuum gas operated furnace
  • Facilities for hardening, tempering, gas carburizing, gas nitriding
  • For different type of product like die mold, auto, textile, garment etc. parts
  • Maximum capacity 600X600X600 mm
  • Completely automated process including material handling
  1. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) (first ever in Bangladesh)-
  • Surface thin film coating machine
  • For different kind of hard and decorative coating
  • Die mold hard chrome, cutting tool hard coating, spoon decorative golden coating etc.
  • TiC, NiC, Cr, N etc.
  •  Maximum capacity diameter600x1000 mm
  1. 3D metal printing (first ever in Bangladesh)-
  • By printing principle without manufacturing process any metal parts for emergency and R & D purpose can be make
  • For different kind of biomedical parts
  • Including especial powder coating system
  1. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) (first ever in Bangladesh)-
  • Especially for quality control by checking dimensional including profile accuracy according to the design
  • Maximum capacity 1000X1000X600 mm
  1. Raw material bank: Ready stock of different type of alloy steel, SS shaft, plate, bar, sheet for making die-mold, auto parts etc. available. Any entrepreneur can purchase at cost price.
  2. Cutting tool manufacture machine (first ever in Bangladesh): Due to introducing new CNC technology gradually in Bangladesh, requirement of different type of cutting tool for CNC lathe, milling and machining center machine are increasing. Previously it was totally dependent on import. TTI makes quality cutting tool of CNC machine for private sector LEI at cost price.
  3. High Class Imported Cutting Tool Bank (Mitsubishi, Japan).